Philly Fringe - Khan!!! The Musical!!!

I’ve always wanted to be a part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, and that dream is finally coming true! This September I will be playing Scotty and Bones in Brent Black’s Star Trek parody musical, Khan!!! The Musical!!! I was raised by Trekkies so this is doubly an honor for me to take on these roles. We have five shows during the Fringe Festival - 9/9, 9/10 (Monday and Tuesday! These are probably your dark days! Come see us!), 9/13, 9/14, and 9/15. Get tickets at!

And if you can’t see the show (or can and just want to help us out), we also have an indiegogo campaign! This helps us (read: Brent) offset the costs of rehearsal/performance spaces, marketing, production, and gives the actors (read: me) a more sizeable stipend for our work. Donor perks include HQ audio and video recordings of the show, signed posters, credit in the program, and more! Go check it out and help keep Brent’s lights on!

july happenings!

I had a wonderful time working with Inis Nua Theater Company throughout June on several projects, from their reading of TomCat by James Rushbrook to their world premiere piece How I Got Here, Where I Am Going, an original compilation of stories from Irish immigrants living in the Haverford & Upper Darby area. It was my first time working with Inis Nua and I can’t wait to work with them again in the future!

Coming up in July, I’m excited to be working with Resident Theater Company for the first time in their upcoming Broadway in the Borough cabaret! The show is on Thursday, July 18th at 7pm at the Uptown Knauer Performing Arts Center in West Chester, PA. I’ll be performing a few of my favorite musical theater and pop songs alongside some great Philly and NYC performers. Tickets are available here!

And the last thing July is bringing for me is another year around the sun: I turned 22 on Monday! Here’s to my first year as an “adult.” Exciting things are ahead; stay tuned for updates!

a wedding singer!

Last weekend was certainly one for my scrapbook! After working in wedding catering for over three years, I actually SANG at my venue during my good friend’s brother’s wedding. I had just seen Rocketman and I was raised on Elton, so I couldn’t have been happier to sing “Your Song” for David and Mia. And it was definitely weird and wonderful to perform in front of my coworkers. I had this video taken so my mom could see, but perhaps you can enjoy it too!

june happenings!

philly pride.jpg
bi flag.png

It’s Pride Month! I’m proud to be queer, and I’m proud to celebrate the 50th year of LGBTQIA Pride.

Additionally, I’m excited to be working on several theater projects this month! On June 10th, I am participating in a reading of Tomcat with Inis Nua Theater Company, a free event as part of their educational Medicine in Modern Life series. Show info can be found here! And on June 24th, I will be performing another piece with Inis Nua at the Irish Immigration Center in Upper Darby, PA. I’m looking forward to the month ahead!

independence awards!

Last night I performed “You Love Who You Love” from Eleventh Hour’s production of Bonnie and Clyde the Musical with my friend Kat Borrelli at Philly’s 2nd Annual Independence Awards for high school theater. It was wonderful to sing from that show again and see my former castmate, and it was wild to be singing from a show I closed, at the university from which I just graduated, in front of the theater department of the high school I used to attend. Past, present, and future were all in one!

graduation day!

Today I graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater with a concentration in Acting and Certificate in American Sign Language! I am eternally grateful for my professors, classmates, and family for getting me this far. I’m excited to take these next steps in my career and life!