Philly Fringe - Khan!!! The Musical!!!

I’ve always wanted to be a part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, and that dream is finally coming true! This September I will be playing Scotty and Bones in Brent Black’s Star Trek parody musical, Khan!!! The Musical!!! I was raised by Trekkies so this is doubly an honor for me to take on these roles. We have five shows during the Fringe Festival - 9/9, 9/10 (Monday and Tuesday! These are probably your dark days! Come see us!), 9/13, 9/14, and 9/15. Get tickets at!

And if you can’t see the show (or can and just want to help us out), we also have an indiegogo campaign! This helps us (read: Brent) offset the costs of rehearsal/performance spaces, marketing, production, and gives the actors (read: me) a more sizeable stipend for our work. Donor perks include HQ audio and video recordings of the show, signed posters, credit in the program, and more! Go check it out and help keep Brent’s lights on!